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Netflix Cancels Space Force After 2 Seasons

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Netflix Cancels Space Force After 2 Seasons

Netflix may have lost The Office, but they were looking to find the next big thing with showrunner Greg Daniels and his show Space Force. Too bad though, because it looks like the series has been cancelled after its last run on the platform.

As per Deadline, Netflix hasn’t renewed the workplace comedy for a third season. While the show does feature an impressive cast which includes Steve Carell and John Malkovich, the watch times for the series apparently weren’t able to make up its huge budget.

This cancellation comes after news has come out that Netflix has been having trouble keeping subscribers lately, and their stock value had started to plummet. Though the streaming service was a pioneer in the new model of television, the loss of some key content and the rise of subscription fees have opted for a lot of consumers to opt-out of the service.

As for Space Force, I really was eager for the show to find its groove, especially since Daniels-produced shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation only really got their jive in their second seasons. Maybe there’s room for a renewal down the line, but I’d honestly prefer GLOW get a fourth season before Space Force.

Besides, Daniels has other upcoming projects with Netflix, albeit, they are animated comedies. We’ve yet to get a look at Bad Crimes and Exploding Kittens though.

Though there won’t be a season three, you can catch the first two seasons of Space Force now on Netflix.

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