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New Avatar Series will Follow the Avatar After Korra

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

New Avatar Series will Follow the Avatar After Korra

Korra may have lost her connection to past Avatars, but she still managed to restore balance during her time and even brought back the spirits to the world of Avatar. With her journey ending back in 2014, it looks like Avatar Studios is now ready to jump forward in the ATLA timeline.

Avatar News reports that the next Avatar series is in the works, and it will feature the next Avatar in the cycle who will be hailing from the Earth Kingdom. The series is expected to premiere in 2025—the same year that the film with an adult Aang is set to release—and it’s also said that they are planning a theatrically released film with the new Avatar as well.

With The Legend of Korra taking place roughly 100 years after the events of the original Last Airbender, fans assume that the next Earth Avatar will exist in a timeline close to the present day. With bending and the spirits thrown into the mix though, we should expect a different kind of evolution for society.

Regardless of the Earth Avatar, I am hoping that Korra will have some kind of presence in the show. Avatar Roku was pretty present in ATLA, but they used Aang pretty sparingly in Korra. Admittedly, I loved how they didn’t depend too much on nostalgia for Korra’s journey, but I guess with TLOK not ending as smoothly as it should, I think Korra deserves a lot more attention and not just Aang and his friends.

The next Avatar series is expected to premiere sometime in 2025.

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