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New Details Released for Netflix’s Anti-Password Sharing Model

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

New Details Released for Netflix’s Anti-Password Sharing Model

Netflix has kind of been on a steady decline ever since the other big studios started their own streaming services. What was once a cultural phenomenon is now on its way to become one of the most criticized platforms out there—and now they’ve locked in on password sharing.

The Streamable reports that Netflix has revealed new details on how they can stop users from sharing their passwords. Now, the platform is said to be only allowing people of the same household to share a password, and they’ve devised a model where users have to log in to their home Wi-Fi every 31 days; if not, their account will be blocked.

To appease users who will have to get their own account, Netflix will be allowing them to port over their profiles to their new one, keeping their watch lists and recommendations. For travelling users, they are allowed to ask for a temporary code which will only allow them access to a different device for seven consecutive days.

Already, fans are thinking this will lead to a mass exodus of users, especially with the platform’s growth attributed to password sharing. With streaming services getting harsher and harsher on users in an attempt to gain profit, some are suspecting that online piracy could be making a big comeback.

So far, here’s what people online have been saying about the new model:

We don’t know when Netflix will implement this plan of theirs, but some are hoping that if they’re cyber bullied enough, it wouldn’t push through. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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