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New Lightyear Featurette Spotlights the Star-Studded Cast

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

New Lightyear Featurette Spotlights the Star-Studded Cast

Pixar’s last releases like Luca and Turning Red may have gone straight to Disney+, but now they’re going back to cinemas with Lightyear. The movie is set to come out later this month, and we have a new featurette highlighting the star-studded cast which includes Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, and Chris Evans.

Check this out:

Admittedly, Lightyear is one of the more unique spinoffs when it comes to the Toy Story franchise. Though the story doesn’t exist in the official canon, it does give us some extensive character information on Buzz Lightyear. Sure, he was a delusional toy in the first movie, but what exactly does he think he’s going through that makes him such a unique character?

While the trailer doesn’t feature everyone in the cast, the movie also includes the likes of Dale Soules, James Brolin, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. Fans of Monsters University will also recognize the voice of Peter Sohn, who voices the robot cat Sox.

Though Tim Allen had voiced Buzz for years, I actually think Chris Evans has a good handle on the character, and I can’t wait to see this movie hit theaters.

The definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the hero who inspired the toy, “Lightyear” follows the legendary Space Ranger after he’s marooned on a hostile planet 4.2 million light-years from Earth alongside his commander and their crew. As Buzz tries to find a way back home through space and time, he’s joined by a group of ambitious recruits and his charming robot companion cat, Sox. Complicating matters and threatening the mission is the arrival of Zurg, an imposing presence with an army of ruthless robots and a mysterious agenda.

Lightyear soars into theaters on June 17.

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