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New Thor: Love and Thunder Preview Has Lots of New Clips

BY Brandon

Published 2 weeks ago

New Thor: Love and Thunder Preview Has Lots of New Clips

Thor: Love and Thunder is only a few weeks away, and Marvel Studios is gearing up for what could be the biggest movie of the summer. Just in, we have a new preview that features a lot of new clips, and has Thor clashing with Gorr the God Butcher.

Though we have seen plenty of Thor’s costume changes in previous trailers, here we actually get a look at his outfit from Endgame. We don’t know which part of the scene this actually is, but it could be some kind of flashback, seeing that Thor is in an old costume, and he’s walking through fire with the other Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking of the Guardians, you’ll also see Sean Gunn’s Kraglin making a return, and he’s wearing Yondu’s Mohawk fin. Hopefully he’s gotten more adept at it since the events of Guardians Vol. 2.

This is also just another note, but I still feel we don’t really see much of Jane’s character in the film. Besides her being the new Thor, her arc is still pretty mysterious. Fans who’ve read the comics will know that Jane is actually suffering from cancer, but I have a feeling the film wants to make that some kind of big reveal. After all, they are trying to sell a kid-friendly action-adventure movie.

With Iron Man and Captain America having bowed out of the MCU, I’m hoping that Thor manages to have a different fate in the universe moving forward.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to hit cinemas on July 8.

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