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Owen Wilson Allegedly Reprising Mobius for Deadpool 3

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Owen Wilson Allegedly Reprising Mobius for Deadpool 3

You would think that movie star Owen Wilson would be too good for a franchise like Marvel, but a lot of fans ended up liking him in Disney+’s Loki, playing the ‘time officer’ Mobius. Though we expect Mobius to appear in the second season of Loki, word is going around that he’ll be in another MCU property soon.

As per insider Daniel Richtman (via The DisInsider), Wilson will be reprising the part of Mobius for Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Richtman wrote, “Owen Wilson will have a big role in Deadpool 3. He will reprise his role as Mobius from Loki.”

With Deadpool existing in a whole different continuity as the MCU, we should expect some kind of multiverse shenanigans to have him join the official canon, and a visit from the TVA could very much be the writers’ solution. My pitch has always been to have Deadpool be put in the MCU because his universe has been ‘cancelled by Disney’.

Though I am eager for Reynolds to come back as Deadpool for the MCU, I’m kind of hoping that this Wolverine reprisal will be a one and done for Jackman. I’m totally ready for someone else to take on the part. Besides, I don’t expect Jackman to hang around for another ten years running around with claws out and smoking cigars.

No release date has been set for Deadpool 3 or Loki 2, but you can catch the first season of Loki now streaming on Disney+.

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