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Reagan is Back in First Look at Inside Job: Part 2

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

Reagan is Back in First Look at Inside Job: Part 2

Last year saw the debut of Shion Takeuchi’s Inside Job, and it showed us the darkly funny world of the ‘Deep State’. The series is set to come out with Part 2 this year, and we have a first look featuring our lead girl Reagan and her best business friend Brett.

Watch this:

Reagan pretty much ends up where her father began in the first season, making public reveals outside the White House. Of course, things are different when Reagan gets back to the office, because Cognito Inc. is now being run by her father—who has a very different way of running the world than Reagan does.

If you loved Disney’s Gravity Falls, there’s a chance you could be into Inside Job. Not only does the show poke fun at every popular conspiracy theory you’ve probably heard off, but it’s also filled to the brim with fun Easter Eggs and internet humor that you’ll enjoy finding after every rewatch.

The cast of characters is actually pretty fun, and though they don’t all come together in the pilot, they all grow on you as the season progresses. Not only that, but you actually root for the workaholic Reagan who wants nothing but to make the world a better place through the Deep State.

No specific release date has been announced for Inside Job: Part 2, but it’s possible it could come back to Netflix later this year.

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