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Russian Doll Returns to Netflix This April

BY Brandon

Published 9 months ago

Russian Doll Returns to Netflix This April

Russian Doll was probably one of the more unique shows to come to Netflix, and a lot of people were wondering if they were ever going to get a second season. Well, Netflix has heard, and Season 2 of the reality-bending comedy is set to return this April.

Here’s the official announcement:

Seeing that the first season was so driven by the mystery of Nadia getting stuck in the loop, we should expect something of the same vein to happen with the second season. We don’t have any synopsis, but maybe the teaser hints that it will have something to do with the train. The video did come with the tagline, “The universe is back on its [email protected]%t.”

While Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia is the face of the series, the show also has a second protagonist in the form of Charlie Barnett’s Alan. With the first season emphasizing the relationship of the two, we should expect their connection to develop with the second season, then again, maybe it’s just Nadia’s turn to be thrust into another random ‘bug’ in the universe.

It’s been a while since the series came out back in 2019, so if you haven’t checked out Russian Doll yet, now is probably the right time to get into the series. Here’s the trailer for Season One as well as the synopsis:

On Nadia’s 36th birthday she is struck by a car and killed while leaving her party. In an instant she is alive again and transported back to her birthday party earlier that night. Moments later she dies again and finds herself, once again, back at her party, Nadia begins to question her sanity as she strives to unravel the mystery of her situation.

Russian Doll returns to Netflix on April 20.

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