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SHADOWHUNTERS Scoop: Three is a Magic Number in “A Heart of Darkness”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago

SHADOWHUNTERS Scoop: Three is a Magic Number in

There was quite a lot to unpack in last week's episode of Shadowhunters wasn't there?

Clary staying behind at Alicante to face some very uncertain music, Jace finally trapped in the Malachi Configuration (how strong is that thing anyway?), and Maia's pact with Jordan to stick around to help Simon were just some of the threads we've all been left to mull over this past week.

Thankfully, Shadowhunters returns on Tuesday with a ton of developments and some pretty big reveals in "A Heart of Darkness." We've seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at Freeform, and have a number of teasers to share with you below.

As always, we never reveal major plot points or other big character reveals that might spoil your enjoyment of the live episode, so what you will read below falls into the 'teaser' rather than the 'spoiler' category.

However, we suggest a modicum of caution proportionate to your feelings on spoilers in general. If you would like to learn more about ScreenSpy’s strict Spoiler Policy, you can do so through the link in this sentence. And if you missed out on any, you can also find 61 official photos from Tuesday's episode in our weekly Shadowhunters photo gallery HERE.

Building Bridges?

Last week Maia demanded that Jordan Kyle remain in Brooklyn to guide and assist Simon. This week, Maia will feel the full weight of that demand as she realizes that being close to Simon also means being close to Jordan, and all the uncomfortable feelings that raises.

While Jordan remains steadfast in his promise to protect Simon, this may prove to be one relationship that has too many people in it to survive.

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