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‘The Voice’ Season 14, Episode 23: ‘Live Top 10 Performances’ Recap

BY Apple Nash

Published 6 years ago

‘The Voice’ Season 14, Episode 23: ‘Live Top 10 Performances’ Recap

The pressure is on in “The Voice.” Many contestants went through elimination, so the remaining Top 10 did their best to stay longer in the competition. Each of them will have to give everything to convince not only the coaches but to convince the audience to vote for them as well. Tonight’s “Live Top 10 Performances” shows the Top 10 perform for Coaches Kelly, Alicia, Adam and Blake and America’s votes, as they also sing the songs that pose a challenge to each of them in the journey to pop stardom.

Team Blake: Kyla Jade

Kyla has been in a roller coaster ride for the past weeks in “The Voice,” and it seems that there’s always missing in her performances. Fortunately, Kyla was able to showcase the real power and range of her voice during her Top 10 performance. She sang “This Is Me” by Keala Settle.

Kyla’s Top 10 performance is her most steady performance in the show so far. She was able to connect with the audience and the coaches, and she proved that it only takes confidence to be part of the Top 8.

Team Kelly: Kaleb Lee

Kaleb chose to display different singing styles in his past performances to avoid being repetitive. His decision was quite right, but he was not able to develop a unique identity. So during Kaleb’s Top 10 performance, he opted to sing a song which he considers as his “secret weapon.” Kaleb delivered Little Big Town’s “Boondocks.”

Indeed, Kaleb chose the right song as it allowed him to be more playful with what he can do onstage. Kaleb also connected with the song and was able to maintain it from the beginning until the last few verses.

Team Adam: Jackie Verna

Unlike Kaleb, Jackie was not able to connect with her song choice. She sang RaeLynn’s “Love Triangle” where she focused on her singing techniques rather than on the song itself. Well, it would’ve been better if Jackie connected with the song while using her powerful technique. This way, she will have a high probability to be included in the list of “The Voice’s” Top 8 contestants.

Jackie’s decision will definitely bring her only two results—advancing to the next level or suffer from elimination.

Team Adam: Rayshun LaMarr

There’s no doubt that Rayshun is a great performer. But the only problem is that he still didn’t show something new in “The Voice.” During the Top 10 Live Performances, Rayshun sang Mr. Jukes ft. Charles Bradley’s “Grant Green.” And just like his other performances, it seemed that he chose to be on the safe side once again.

Rayshun, however, needs to show new singing styles for him to grow as a singer and for him to utilize his given talent.

Team Blake: Spensha Baker

Finally, Spensha stepped out from her comfort zone! Even if Spensha is not that used to pop music, she chose to sing a Taylor Swift song called “Red.” During her “The Voice” performance, Spensha displayed a bright and soothing voice that might be her edge in the competition. And if she will use her pure talent, then she will definitely be in the Top 8.

Team Alicia: Jackie Foster

Jackie performed “Gravity” by Sara Bareilles for her Top 10 performance. She delivered the precise emotions for the song, and she was able to connect with the song too. Alicia once said that she wanted Jackie to show off a more tender side of her and finally, she did!

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan

Britton struggled to be on top during his past few performances. But during the Live Top 10 Performances, he decided to step up his game.

Britton sang Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” and he definitely owned the song! His rendition was just so great, and it looks like he didn’t have any difficulty at all. Britton’s Top 10 performance will probably change his destiny in “The Voice.”

Team Alicia: Christiana Danielle

Consistency has always been the problem of Christiana. Sometimes she is perfect, and sometimes she also delivers disappointing performances. If only Christiana could maintain her confidence and versatility in singing, then there’s no doubt that she could be one of the Top 8 in “The Voice.” Christiana sang “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers for her Top 10 performance.

Team Blake: Pryor Baird

Contrary to Christiana, Pryor has been very consistent from “The Voice” Blind Auditions until his Top 10 performance so everyone should not be surprised to see him in the finale.

Pryor sang Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town,” where he displayed great vocals and high energy too.

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli

Brynn is just a teenager, but she sings beyond her age every time she is on the stage. Her low notes are impressive, and her vocals are unique as well.

Brynn performed Coldplay’s “Fix You” where she displayed convincing notes to close out the night of the Top 10 Live Performances.

“The Voice” continues Tuesday, May 8th, with the “Live Top 10 Eliminations” at 8/7c on NBC.

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