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SHADOWHUNTERS Sneak Peeks: Is there a Mole at the Institute?

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

SHADOWHUNTERS Sneak Peeks: Is there a Mole at the Institute?

Despite sage words of wisdom from Magnus, this whole wedding thing between Alec and Lydia still seems to be on track in Shadowhunters’ March 29 installment.

With Alec doubling down on his staunch determination to marry Lydia, it looks like it’s going to take something huge to call this particular future fiasco off. Like a mole in the Institute, for instance.

Freeform teases that in “Malec” (oh how they love to tease us with the episode titles), Jace, Clary and Magnus will go to England in search of Ragnor Fell, a Warlock who may just be able to awaken Jocelyn.

However, it looks like someone will beat them to the punch — someone with foreknowledge of their journey.

Meanwhile, as wedding preparations are underway (cue an alarming array of dinner plates), Izzie is determined to throw her big brother a bachelor party.

Meanwhile Alec is still feuding with Jace, struggling with his feelings towards Magnus and his ambivalence to Lydia. (This guy needs some serious thinking time.)

We’ve got three sneak peek clips to share from the episode below.

Is the mole who Jace thinks it is? Will Magnus convince Alec to come to his senses? Will anyone ever like Lydia? And how will Jace and Clary ever manage to look each other in the eye following last week’s yucky brother and sister declaration from Valentine?

Sidebar: Goodbye Michael Wayland. We hope someone on the Shadowhunters writing team has the good sense to bring Adam J. Harrington back at some point next season.

The “Malec” episode of Shadowhunters airs Tuesday March 29 on Freeform.

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