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Spider-Man Planned For More Spinoffs, Black Cat And Silver Sable Included

BY David Riley

Published 7 years ago

Spider-Man Planned For More Spinoffs, Black Cat And Silver Sable Included

Sony is going all-out on “Spider-Man.” After a widely-appreciated appearance in “Captain America: Civil War,” it seems Spidey is about to launch a multitude of spinoffs. After announcing a Venom spinoff, the studio has now revealed that they are planning to produce a solo Black Cat and Silver Sable movie. Both films will be penned by “Thor: The Dark World” screenwriter Chris Yost.

Female-led Spidey Spinoffs

According to THR, Sony will begin the hunt for a director soon, as a fall start date is being targeted by the studio. Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal are on board as the film’s producers. There’s no word yet as to who Sony will be looking to as a director, but a female director would be an interesting decision, seeing as how DC’s “Wonder Woman” was helmed by Patty Jenkins, a female director. But with all the fiasco surrounding every prospective superhero movie, who knows what direction Sony would like to take. Surely, it won’t be soon before long that we’ll be able to get a word on the films’ updates.

Black Cat and Silver Sable may not be as widely known as Spider-Man or Venom, but they each have a great backstory and role in the comics. Silver Sable is a mercenary boss of an organization that hunts down war criminals, while Black Cat is an acrobatic cat thief. The latter actually made her first brief big screen appearance in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, played by Felicity Jones. As of now, Jones will not be reprising her role.

Spider-Man Continuity Issues

Another interesting bit about this female-led spinoff (and the Venom movie as well) is that it won’t be connected to the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” like Spider-Man is, as Kevin Feige will not be involved. THR’s Borys Kit confirmed the news on Twitter, which led fans feeling underwhelmed. Not to say that Sony’s efforts won’t turn out good, but if these films will not be connected to Spidey’s stint in the MCU, then that would just be a mix of confusion for the Spider-Man continuity.

Based on the track that Sony is moving towards, we can see why they are planning to build their own universe of Spider-man spinoffs. He’s one of their prime properties. But if this will not be connected with the MCU timeline, then the studio’s effort would bounce back to them as something that won’t please fans. Remember the last few times where they ultimately failed to deliver Spidey on the big screen without the help of Marvel? Given that the hero won’t be in these films, this might as well be a flop to begin with.

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