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[SPOILERS] Doctor Who: Watch the Regeneration of the 13th Doctor

BY Brandon

Published 7 months ago

[SPOILERS] Doctor Who: Watch the Regeneration of the 13th Doctor

It was reported last year that Jodie Whittaker would be exiting her role as the latest version of the Doctor in Doctor Who, and the BBC has officially released her regeneration. Though we already know the identity of Doctor 14, it looks like we’re in for a surprise with the cliffhanger ending.

Watch this:

When it comes to Doctor regenerations, fans usually know the identity of the next Doctor, and we always get to watch the old Doctor transform into the new one; but now they’ve decided to twist the formula by having the Doctor turn into an older version of themselves.

We don’t know what exactly happened, but David Tennant’s reaction is pretty much how the audience reacted when they were expecting Ncuti Gatwa to make his first appearance as the new Doctor.

Though Tennant may have stolen the show now, the BBC hasn’t forgotten to hype up Gatwa’s appearance. We have a short teaser that kind of gives us a look at what to expect when it comes to Gatwa’s first episode.

I’ll admit, bringing in Tennant feels like a cheap nostalgia-baiting move, but Tennant has always been a fan-favorite that is sure to draw some older fans of Doctor Who to check out the next episode. Here I am hoping that this means we have some more cameos from other modern Doctors like Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, or even Christopher Eccleston.

Doctor Who returns next year 2023.

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