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Star Wars: May the 4th Video Teases Jude Law’s Jedi Master in Skeleton Crew

BY Brandon

Published 7 months ago

Star Wars: May the 4th Video Teases Jude Law's Jedi Master in Skeleton Crew

It may be a while before Star Wars comes back to theaters, but you can enjoy a bunch of content now available on Disney+. To celebrate May the 4th, Disney has dropped a new trailer for all things Star Wars, and it actually has a brief clip of Jude Law in the upcoming Skeleton Crew.

Check this out:

The Skeleton Crew tease only appears for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment at 0:09. The rest of the clips in the video come from all the other Star Wars material including the movies, TV series, and recently launched anthology show, Star Wars: Visions 2.

With Star Wars admittedly leaning into the Original Trilogy and Prequel Era after The Rise of Skywalker, it’s nice to see some Sequel Trilogy content show up in the video; even some voice over from old Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. I would have loved to see more ST characters though including Poe Dameron and Rose Tico.

For now, the cinematic future of Star Wars seems to be unclear for a lot of fans, as Lucasfilm looks to be doing a major step back to recalibrate their box office approach. Damon Lindelof may have stepped away from his Star Wars film, but I am hoping that Rey’s return to the big screen will be more story focused this time around, as compared to the fan-pandering that TROS turned out to be.

Catch all the Star Wars content now streaming on Disney+.

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