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Star Wars: Official Concept Art for Andor Released

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Star Wars: Official Concept Art for Andor Released

Disney+’s Andor officially ended last week, and a lot of fans are still gushing over the series online. Just in, the official Andor page on Twitter has released some concept art for the series, and we have a look at the prison on Narkina 5, Luthen’s Fondor, as well two scenes from the Aldhani heist.

Check it out:

Granted every Star Wars series can come with its own concept art book, we should expect some more reveals for Andor soon. There are a lot of great locales we got to visit in the series, as well as some great characters, so it would be neat if we could see how they looked during the pre-production phase.

When Andor was initially announced, a lot of fans were admittedly confused, seeing that Cassian was a character we met in Rogue One who died in the very same film. Though there was a lot of skepticism with the show, creator Tony Gilroy has proved that there was definitely a meaningful direction to take the character, having us watch him transition from an apathetic smuggler to a committed rebel.

As jam-packed as the first season was, there are still a lot of loose ends when it comes to the story. We have yet to watch Mon Mothma become the Rebel leader we meet in Rogue One, and we really don’t know where the character of Luthen ends up.

That being said, Andor took a lot of fans by surprise, and it’s great that we’re getting more creative-focused content as compared to the nostalgia-baiting properties that The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi were accused of being.

Watch the complete first season of Andor now on Disney+.

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