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Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 11 Recap – Prologue of Dr. Stone

BY Harris

Published 2 years ago

Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 11 Recap - Prologue of Dr. Stone


Homura arrives at the scene and moves in to help Hyoga, but Kohaku and the others arrive just in time to stop her. They tie them both, intending to imprison them until civilization is rebuilt.

Kohaku looks at the sunrise, happy to have achieved victory, but Senku tells her it’s just the beginning. There’s a lot of work needed to rebuild civilization from scratch.

Tsukasa’s empire is dissolved, so they take in its members, introducing them to the advancements enjoyed in the Kingdom of Science.

Yuzuriha finishes piecing together a broken statue while Gen tries applying miracle fluid to it. They wait in anticipation if the revival still works.

The statue crumbles, reviving a manga artist who is panicking about his deadline. Gen hands him a paper and pen, explaining that one of Senku’s goals is to restore the entertainment they had before.

Yo spies from the bushes, jealous of all the fun they enjoy. He steps out and introduces himself. Yo volunteers to work in atonement for his sins. Yuzuriha takes him to work on putting together a pile of stone chips.


As Tsukasa’s body continues to weaken, he tells them the location of the destroyed statues. He’s been keeping track of them all along.

Chrome calls home to the rest of Ishigami Village, proudly relaying the news of their bloodless victory.

Senku starts working on a concoction that might save Tsukasa’s wounds, but the damage to his internal organs would be hard to cure.

Hyoga and Homura are contained in a cell near each other. Hyoga criticizes them for not killing him, but Kohaku tells him Senku is above it. He’s the strongest man in the world.

Senku tells Tsukasa that petrifying him may be the only way to save his life. He and Kaseki operate on Tsukasa’s wounds without anesthesia. Mirai is worried, but Kohaku assures her that Senku will find a way, even if it takes years.

Tsukasa senses it might not take long for him to die. Senku may have to resort to petrifying him once he figures it out. For now, he plans to put him into cryostasis. Tsukasa trusts him, agreeing to die in his hands as he has done the same to him before.

Senku and Chrome disassemble their inventions to make a fridge, which surprises the former empire members.

Senku prepares to assemble his refrigerator for Tsukasa’s cryostasis. The unit is powered by gears connected to a nearby waterfall. Tsukasa marvels at his science fiction machine. Senku asks him who he would want to take on an expedition to space.

Next Frontier

Tsukasa tells him it’s Taiju and Chrome since Senku lacks stamina. They talk about Tsukasa’s title: the Strongest Primate, and reminisce about the time when Tsukasa killed the lion for them. Tsukasa regrets spending too little time with him. Suddenly, Tsukasa’s eyes close while Senku goes on to tell him more stories.

Senku covers his eyes and lays him in the cryo chamber. Mirai closes the hatch after handing Tsukasa a seashell bracelet. She promises to check on him daily to pay her brother back.

Senku moves on to his other project and rallies the whole village for an announcement. Their population has ballooned tremendously. Senku tells them what he knows about the petrification event 3,700 years ago.

They have to find the culprit and obtain the mysterious light so they can use it for healing. Byakuya left them some information on the light’s source: it‘s located at the bottom of the Earth. Senku wants them to sail there.

Our Thoughts

This anime is pragmatic and optimistic at the same time, something that science-based media lacks. Excited about where the team will go in the future. 4.5/5.

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