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Stitchers Season One Episode Guide

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

Stitchers Season One Episode Guide

Episode 1×10 “Full Stop” (Summer Finale)

The Stitchers team is on the defense when Cameron and Detective Fisher are targeted in a shooting. Kirsten’s stitch leads them to Robert Barbiero (guest star Henry Rollins), a security expert who has worked with Maggie in the past and was close to Kirsten’s mom. As Kirsten follows the clues that Ed Clark left her, she finds unexpected answers to long-held questions. Meanwhile, Linus is jealous when Cameron starts training Camille to be his back-up in the Stitchers lab.

Original Air Date: 08/04/15


Episode 1×09 “Future Tense”

The Stitchers team investigates the murder of an online psychic whose symbolic, layered memories are further complicated when Kristen sees the murder of another person in the stitch. Maggie expresses her reservations about Kirsten’s relationship with Liam. Meanwhile, Camille hesitantly agrees to meet Linus’s parents.

Original Air Date: 07/28/2015


Episode 1×08 “Fire in the Hole”

It’s Kirsten’s birthday and the Stitchers team is assigned to look into a disease researcher’s suicide. When the body begins showing signs that it is carrying a deadly virus, the whole lab is placed under quarantine. The team jumps to action as they search for a way out, racing against the clock as, one-by-one, they come down with symptoms of exposure.

Original Air Date: 07/21/2015


Episode 1×07 “The Root of All Evil”

Kirsten surprises the Stitchers team when they discover that she has a boyfriend, Liam, who shows up suddenly, prompting Maggie to covertly gather information on him.

Meanwhile, a young woman’s extravagant social life may be the clue to her death.

Original Air Date: 07/14/2015


Episode 1×06 “Finally”

The Stitchers team investigates a mysterious car accident that resulted in the death of a traumatic brain injury researcher.

Meanwhile, Kirsten asks Linus for help deciphering a clue left by Ed Clark as she continues to question Maggie for more information on the origin of the Stitchers program.

Original Air Date: 07/07/2015


Episode 1×05 “Stitcher in the Rye”

The group investigates the death of a conspiracy theorist that had information a little too close to the truth.

Original Air Date: 06/30/2015


Episode 1×04 “I See You”

When Cameron’s voyeuristic neighbor is murdered, the gang tries to solve the question of what he might have seen inside a nearby apartment.

Original Air Date: 06/22/2015


Episode 1×03 “Connections”

When it appears that a husband took out a hit on his wife, Kirsten and her team attempt to find out the truth.

Original Air Date: 06/16/2015


Episode 1×02 “Friends in Low Places”

A dangerous new drug has claimed the life of a young woman and, while the Stitchers team is looking for its source, they run into Detective Fisher (guest star Damon Dayoub, “NCIS”), who is on the same trail.

Original Air Date: 06/09/2015


Episode 1×01 “A Stitch in Time”

Highly intelligent and emotionally distant, Kirsten Clark has an aptitude for technology but never expected that she’d be hacking into the minds of the recently deceased.

Original Air Date: 06/02/2015


IMAGES: Stitchers Season 1 Episode 2 "Friends in Low Places"


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