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Stranger Things 4 Introduces a New Villain in Latest Trailer

BY Brandon

Published 8 months ago

Stranger Things 4 Introduces a New Villain in Latest Trailer

May is coming up to bring us a lot of new reveals, and it will see the release of the fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. We just got a new trailer for the show, and it reveals a whole new villain that will be terrorizing the town of Hawkins.

Watch this:

With the first season giving us the Demogorgon, and the last two making the Mind Flayer the villain, this fourth season is going to be introducing someone completely new—and it looks like it can talk. With the Mind Flayer revealing that it’s been intelligent over the last few seasons, this feels like the next villain is really what controls the Upside Down, and it’s finally identified who keeps thwarting its plans.

Besides the new villain, we also have some other developments when it comes to the characters. The big reveal is probably that Eleven doesn’t have her powers anymore, but it looks like they could be transferring over to Max. We also have a look at what Hopper is going through in the Russian prison. Anyone whose seen Black Widow is probably hoping there’s some kind of reference to his ‘Russian Captain America’ character the Red Guardian. I know I’m watching out for it.

The next season of Stranger Things will actually be split into two, with the fifth season expected to be the last. It’s been a hell of a ride for fans of the show, and while it’s sad to see the series go, I’m looking forward to what the Duffer Brothers could bring us next.

Vol. 1 of Stranger Things 4 premieres on Netflix this May 27. Vol. 2 of the same season releases later this year on July 1.

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