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Studio Ghibli Announces Collaboration with Lucasfilm

BY Brandon

Published 11 months ago

Studio Ghibli Announces Collaboration with Lucasfilm

Lucasfilm has collaborated with several anime studios for their anthology series Star Wars: Visions, and now it looks like they’re teaming up with the anime studio in developing a new project.

As officially announced by Studio Ghibli, they will be collaborating with Lucasfilm in an upcoming project. Here’s the post:

Take note, it’s not state if the property is going to be Star Wars, but there probably is a good chance that they could go that direction. With Star Wars’ themes of embracing nature and the Force versus the danger of technology, the IP pretty much fits into the projects that Ghibli has been known to produce.

Then again, I think an IP like Willow is something that is closer to a Ghibli project with its fantasy setting and potential for magical landscapes. I doubt it could be an Indiana Jones project, or maybe something as obscure as Howard the Duck, but who knows. I’m willing to see what these two creative powerhouses have in store; and I’m always eager to be given something I never knew I wanted.

With Star Wars: Visions being a visual treat, I am hoping that this upcoming collaboration between two studios could be an animated film. Sure Lucasfilm wasn’t able to make good with their one-Star-Wars-a-year plan, but I’m eager to see them be more experimental with the IP moving forward.

No release date has been announced for this Ghibli/Lucasfilm collaboration, but hopefully we get some kind of update late 2023.

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