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The Boys: Meet Incoming Heroes Sister Sage and Firecracker

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

The Boys: Meet Incoming Heroes Sister Sage and Firecracker

With every new season of The Boys, we get introduced to new heroes. We’ve had the likes of Lamplighter, Stormfront, and Soldier Boy pop in to add some new level of chaos, and now the show has given us a look at some incoming new supes.

Check out Sister Sage and Firecracker:

No details have been released for both characters, but the description on the post does hint at their powers. I’m guessing Sister Sage could either manipulate time or run really fast (there are more speedsters in this world besides A-Train), and it looks like Firecracker could have some fire-based abilities. If you asked me though, I think Firecracker could be a play at Jubilee from the X-Men, who has powers that were essentially just fireworks.

With Amazon being mum about Sister Sage and Firecracker, I think that the two could have some kind of important role for the upcoming season. With all the new heroes being revealed to be sociopaths in this world, maybe Sister Sage and Firecracker could be the super-powered youth that could be forced to take a stance on the whole issue with Vought and superheroes. So far, only Starlight is the supe we’ve met that still has noble intentions. Maybe it’s time we got more supes on her side.

With Butcher dying and Homelander gaining a son, The Boys is sure driving all the characters into one very tight corner. We don’t know how long the series is expected to go, but seeing that Eric Kripke made Supernatural, we could be in this world for a pretty long time.

The next season of The Boys is set to hit Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2023.

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