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The Boys: ‘Vought’ Releases Statement After Starlight’s Viral Confession

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

The Boys: ‘Vought’ Releases Statement After Starlight’s Viral Confession

The last episode of The Boys had Annie finally ratting out on her terrible experience with Vought and Homelander, and while we’re still waiting on the fallout to take place in the next episode, the ‘official’ Vought account has released a statement addressing Starlight’s recent whistleblowing.

Naturally, Vought has opted to gaslight Starlight with her confession, which is pretty much what companies do in-real-life when situations like this leak out online. Even Cyborg actor Ray Fisher, who has been publicly punching up at WB for his experience shooting Justice League, has pointed out that the language used in the statement feels very similar to the way WB was writing about him when he was accusing higher-ups—specifically Walter Hamada— of enabling abusive behaviour on their set.

The Boys Season 3 has only two episodes left, and we don’t know where the season plans to end things. So far, we’ve seen Homelander clumsily fumbling around after his takeover of Vought, and it’s still unclear which side Victoria Neuman is on—but we do know she is one of the more dangerous supes on the show. Kimiko has lost her powers, and it’s possible they’ve unleashed another dangerous supe with Soldier Boy; what will they do with him when they take out Homelander? I mean, is it even possible?

Catch the next episode of The Boys when it hits Amazon Prime Video this Friday.

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