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The Flash Editor Promises that the Film’s VFX is ‘Worth the Wait’

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

The Flash Editor Promises that the Film's VFX is 'Worth the Wait'

The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller was originally set to come out in 2018, but after multiple delays, and several directors coming and going, the movie is finally set to release in June of next year. While some think the delay could further lessen interest in the upcoming film, editor Paul Machliss shares that it will be worth the wait.

Talking to IBC (via The Direct), Machliss confirms that the delay for the film has something to do with the new technology being used to bring multiple Ezra Miller’s to the screen at the same time. He explains:

“It’s gonna be exciting. I mean, Warners has charged us with making the best film we possibly can. What I can say is that we’re gonna be utilizing… We’re the first film to be utilizing some very, very new technology in terms of getting multiple versions of the same actor on the screen, rather than using either locked off cameras or even the motion controls we used in [Last Night in Soho].”

While we don’t have an official plot breakdown, it has been rumoured that the Flash movie will have two versions of Barry Allen, and the other will be the primary antagonist. This is just based on fan speculation, but it kind of makes sense, seeing that no primary villain has been announced. You’d think that reveal would be announced alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman return.

So far, Machliss has confirmed that the special effects in the film are ‘probably why it’s taken so long to finish.’ Though we should expect a huge amount of spectacle when it comes to the movie, I’m curious as to what kind of visual director Andy Muschietti has in store that would delay the film significantly.

Catch The Flash when it releases in cinemas on June 23, 2023.

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