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The Flash Sequel Already has a Script

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

The Flash Sequel Already has a Script

Ezra Miller manages to keep making the worst kind of headlines recently, but it looks like the DCEU has no plans in slowing the Flash franchise down for them. Just in, word already has it that they have something in the works for the sequel already.

THR reports that the Flash sequel already has a script from Aquaman writer David Leslie Johsnon-McGoldrick. No details have been revealed about the story, but it’s said that WB is currently waiting to see how the release of the movie next year will go before they decide to push forward. What are the odds that they’re also just waiting to see how things turn out with Ezra Miller.

While we know all about the Flash and have seen speedsters in films before, the incoming Flash movie is said to lean-in on Barry’s ability to alter time, and he finds himself in an alternate timeline where the last child of Krypton is a woman and Batman is played by Michael Keaton.

Word is going around that test audiences have actually been acting pretty positive toward the Flash movie, and reactions have been more enthusiastic compared to other DC projects like Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, Black Adam, and the now-cancelled Batgirl.

Of course, test audiences aren’t really an indication of a film’s success in the box office, but I am hoping that DC finally gets on its feet since the franchise seems to have been stumbling ever since the release of Justice League in theaters back in 2017.

The Flash is currently looking to release on June 23, 2023.

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