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Watch Ali Wong and Steven Yeun Break Down a Scene from Beef

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Watch Ali Wong and Steven Yeun Break Down a Scene from Beef

A24’s Beef starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun just premiered on Netflix last weekend, and the show has been receiving some sparkling reviews. To help promote the release of the show, we have a new video of Wong and Yeun breaking down a scene from the series, particularly the ending of the first episode.

If you haven’t checked out the show yet, the clip is kind of a spoiler, but if you have, watch this:

The scene is the first time the characters actually meet each other face to face, and though it seems like the two had a lot in common, things take a turn when Danny (Yeun) discovers that it was Amy (Wong) that he was having a feud with.

Admittedly, they had to have a cartoonish amount of movie pee to really push Danny’s prank on Amy, but you really love to watch the scene where he’s running away with a smile on his face; it’s even more telling of Amy’s character that she even smiles a little when she’s chasing down Danny to his pick-up truck.

Despite the two being great comedic actors, the series is actually a very serious drama about two individuals struggling and somehow finding each other in an unlikely rivalry. There’s actually a lot of great dramatic acting from both Yeun and Wong in the series, and the latter actually surprises despite being known best for her stand-up work.

Here’s the description for the series:

Two people let a road rage incident burrow into their minds and slowly consume their every thought and action.

Catch Wong and Yeun in Beef now streaming on Netflix.

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