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Watch the Stranger Things Cast Recap Season 4 Vol. 1

BY Brandon

Published 5 months ago

Watch the Stranger Things Cast Recap Season 4 Vol. 1

A lot of fans are excited for the return of Stranger Things this weekend, and if a month is enough to make you forget what happened in Vol. 1, Netflix has released a video with the cast recalling the events of the first half of the season.

Watch this:

Who’s ready for Volume 2? The cast of Stranger Things is here to catch you up on all things Volume 1 before the epic finale of Stranger Things Season 4 drops this Friday, only on Netflix.

For a season that some audiences have been describing as excruciatingly long, the recap is actually pretty short, and the cast easily breezes through topics like Vecna and Eleven losing her powers.

While Vol. 1 was a whole bunch of episodes, Vol. 2 is expected to be a whole lot shorter with only two episodes; that being said, each entry is more than an hour, so it would be like we got two movies released. I wonder why Netflix decided to split the story like this though. I guess the Vecna reveal was huge enough to feel like a finale even if it wasn’t really where the season ended.

So far, the Duffer Brothers have been hitting it out of the park with Stranger Things. While each season isn’t perfect, the show still shines with its exemplary cast and engaging storytelling. Hopefully the Season finale sticks the landing.

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 returns to Netflix this July 1.

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