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Willow Cancelled After One Season

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

Willow Cancelled After One Season

Lucasfilm had decided to branch out with its IP on Disney+ besides Star Wars when they made the Willow series; but despite the love that went into making the show, it looks like Disney has closed the book on the return of this cult fantasy property.

As per Deadline, Disney+ has decided to cancel Willow after one season. Despite great critical reception, it seems that the show just didn’t manage to be the audience draw that it was expected to be, and Disney has opted out of continuing the story.

Despite the series being cancelled, it’s said that Willow is still considered a huge IP in the Lucasfilm library, and it’s possible that it could be coming back in the future. Who knows, maybe a properly marketed Willow movie could do well in theaters.

If anything, a lot of fans have been expressing their disappointment online. Some think that Disney should have given the series a space to grow and find its audience first. With Bob Iger recently revealing that streaming wasn’t as profitable as the company thought it would be, it’s possible that Willow was cut in order to give focus to what Disney considers its ‘core’ IP—which means they could be doubling down on more Marvel, Star Wars, and live-action remakes of Disney classics.

While it is a shame that Lucasfilm has decided to stop Willow, there is still a chance that the property could come back in the future. Maybe more fans will check out the series now that it’s done, and there’s always the movie.

For now, catch the first season of Willow now streaming on Disney+.

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