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Willow Series NOT Cancelled After All?

BY Brandon

Published 12 months ago

Willow Series NOT Cancelled After All?

Despite great critical reception, news was going around last week that Disney+ had cancelled the Willow revival. As it turns out, that’s not exactly the case.

As confirmed by series creator Jon Kasdan, the show is pushing forward with a second season, but the actors attached to the show have been given the freedom to pursue other projects while the show is being written. Here’s Kasdan’s post:

When series usually release actors from their contracts, that usually means that the show has been cancelled; which is kind of what happened with Netflix’s Mindhunter. However, with the development for Willow 2 seeming to take longer than usual, it looks like the show is doing right by the actors and allowing them work while everything else gets prepared.

Kasdan’s thread continues:

I am confident I speak for everyone involved when I say that we’d all like nothing more than to deliver VOLUME II, on the scale expected and demanded by the story we’re telling. Are we going into pre-production? Not right now. Does this mean we’re never gonna make it? Absolutely not.

With Willow having cult classic status, a lot of fans were definitely disappointed when word of the show getting cancelled started going around. If anything the headline has given more attention to the show, and hopefully now more fans will be eager to check out Willow more than ever.

No release date has been set for a second season, but you can catch Willow’s first season now streaming on Disney+.

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