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Would the Next David Clarke Please Stand Up: 10 Predictions For Revenge’s Next Season

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

Would the Next David Clarke Please Stand Up: 10 Predictions For Revenge's Next Season

Revenge rolled out a double episode season finale last weekend filled with just about as many new questions as there were answers to the old ones. Fans on both sides of the Aidan/Emily/Daniel ship were treated to a spectacular jealousy-filled confrontation between both men, in which Aidan may have been murdered. Meanwhile, the other two men in Emily’s life – Jack and Nolan – fared no better. Nolan was arrested on terrorism charges, and Jack was stopped short in the act of assassinating Governor-to-be Conrad Grayson by the news his dead wife was not who he thought she was. And in perhaps in the unluckiest turn of events, we saw the death of core character Declan Porter, just shortly after he learned he was about to become a father.

With Revenge officially renewed for a third season (it returns Sundays this Fall where it will be partnered by a new drama Betrayal) there’s a rich mine of soapy goodness to be tapped. We’ve highlighted ten of the most burning questions on our minds since the finale. Join us as we make some predictions about what’s ahead for season three.

1. Is Aidan Dead?

We’re going to go with no on this one. We can’t see Daniel going so competently dark in such a short space of time that he could actually take someone’s life in cold blood. We also couldn’t help noticing gorgeous Barry Sloane’s name in the cast list in ABC’s recent Revenge renewal press release. It appears, for now, that Mr Mathis will be returning for a third season. You’ll have to put that James Bond audition on hold for now, Barry.

2. What does Patrick Want?

Move over Daniel. Vicky Harper has a first born and it’s not you. Ever since the news of Victoria’s first child Patrick surfaced, rumors have been rife. Where has he been hiding out? What does he want? When’s the coming onto the show? While the answer to that last question was revealed in the season finale, “Truth, Part 2,” audiences are still not clear on what Patrick is doing on his mother’s doorstep. We’re guessing this is not going to be a happy reunion for Victoria. Remember, the Queen of the Hamptons was recently forced to admit she abandoned her child for an art scholarship in Paris. Victoria’s going to be a very unhappy person headed into season 3, now that the truth about Conrad is out. Isolated, fearful and lonely, a blood-relative friend might be just what she thinks she needs most right now. Of course, we’re officially putting it out there that although Patrick may appear to want to reconnect with his estranged mother, there are sure to be thorns attached to this particular reunion. Or should that read Thornes?

Additionally, because we didn’t get to see Patrick in the flesh, the way is clear for ABC to attach a good looking, charismatic actor to the role over the summer. Who is your preference? We think broody Secret Circle alum Grey Damon would be perfect for the role, if he wasn’t already turning in a stint on ABC Family’s upcoming Twisted and the CW’s Star-Crossed. Does Damon look old enough to play Danny’s big brother? (Both actors are actually the same age.) If ABC wanted to skew older, we’d love to see what Vampire Diaries alum Matt Davis [35], fresh from a stint on the CW’s unsuccessful Cult, might do with this role.

 (ABC/ Vivian Hayes) EMILY VANCAMP

(ABC/ Vivian Hayes)

3. How Much Trouble is Nolan in, Exactly?

When we last spoke to Gabriel Mann, he revealed that the season finale would see Nolan “in loads of trouble.” Bit of an understatement, considering Nolan has just been handed the ‘Next David Clarke’ mantle. While we’re loath to believe Aidan set him up, it’s clear the authorities see our favorite ‘computer genius with means’ as a more likely suspect than Aidan for the bomb blast in Grayson Global which claimed the life of Declan Porter.

Over the course of this season in particular, Nolan has evolved to become the emotional center of the show, as well as Emily’s moral compass. We’d love to see season three kicking off with Ems facing the prospect of losing both her wingmen. Of course, we don’t want to see Nolan or Gabriel Mann departing Revenge, but we’re hoping his new predicament – which is frankly the most exciting thing to happen to his character since Tyler Barrol – will present plenty of opportunity for drama and suspense. We felt a little cheated when Nolan slipped the noose following Padma’s death initially, so in short, we don’t want to see him poolside with his ipad any time soon.

4. Will Emily and Daniel Ever Go to Paris?

Unlikely given the events of the finale. While Daniel may be anxious to slip away (especially if he’s burdened by a guilty conscience) there’s no way Emily will abandon Nolan in his hour of need. Conrad’s Governorship of New York, Takeda’s mysterious Revengenda and her feelings for Jack will keep Ems in the Hamptons for some time to come.

5. Will Jack Join the Revegenda?

We’re going with no. Despite attempting to scupper Conrad’s chances at landing the Governor’s job, and yes, despite his sloppy assassination attempt, Jack is not made of revenge material. Especially the cooler kind Emily and Nolan like to serve. Chances are we will see Jack drawn into the fold more this season, as he becomes aware of Emily’s true machinations. However the bar and his son Karl will always be Jack’s closest concerns.


(ABC/ Vivian Zink)

6. Will Declan’s Death Change Charlotte?

Something in the Declan/Charlotte relationship died for us when Charlotte accepted Amanda Clarke into her family. It tied the Graysons and the Porters together in a way which neutralized the charm of the rich girl/poor boy storyline. Charlotte has definitely been the most under-utilized Grayson this season. We hoping the writers won’t fall back into comfortable ‘fragile Charlotte can’t cope’ territory, but will instead opt to run with some interesting new developments including a baby storyline and even a tug of love between Charlotte and Victoria over Grayson junior’s future.

7. How Will Jack React to the News Emily is Amanda Clarke?

While Jack and Emily may be the end game for Revenge, don’t expect these two childhood sweethearts to fall into each other’s arms just yet. Jack loathes lies above almost anything else and he’s not going to be thrilled to discover Emily has been lying to him from the moment they met. Also thrown into the mix will be the realization that his wife Amanda was not Amanda. Expect season three Jack to go through a lot!


(ABC/Danny Feld)

8. How safe is Emily’s real Identity?

Pretty safe … for now. Jack may know who she really is, but it’s not likely he will throw her under the bus just yet – or ever. We’re pretty sure the confrontation between Emily and Victoria, in which Emily finally reveals herself, will be a big one, and the show won’t waste the opportunity for fireworks by allowing the news to reach Victoria’s ears secondhand.

9. Is Conrad Season Three’s Next Big Bad?

In a word, yes. The shadowy Initiative has divided fans this season. It’s always better to utilize a flesh and blood villain and if anybody can carry off the role of “the Antichrist” next season, Henry Czerny’s Conrad is it.

10. Where Will Ashley Fit in Next Season?

Ashley is an ‘all things to all men’ kind of character, and season three saw her playing two sides at once as she befriended Jack while working for Conrad. Last season Ashley played the role of Emily’s best friend, Victoria’s aide and Tyler’s girlfriend. Later she dated Daniel and had an affair with Conrad. With such a revolving door role, there’s a real danger here that Ash will run through too many character story-lines without having a solid one of her own for fans to become invested in. Next season will either make or break Ms Davenport.

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