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Avatar: Are We Getting a Legend of Korra Movie?

BY Brandon

Published 11 months ago

Avatar: Are We Getting a Legend of Korra Movie?

The Legend of Korra was a pretty strong series for a few years, but it ended with a fizzle when Nickelodeon cut the budget and cancelled the show. With Avatar Studios though, fans have been hoping for a return of Korra and friends, and we may get some kind of announcement soon.

This was posted by @AvatarNews_ on Twitter:

Admittedly, it isn’t any announcement for a movie or a new season, but with Korra comic still ongoing, this announcement could definitely mean that Korra is coming back via another medium.

The Legend of Korra had ended with Korra and her team saving Republic City from Metalbending Lady Fascist Kuvira, and while the final fight was still pretty bombastic with a giant mech powered by spirit magic, a lot of story was cut from the final season—particularly one episode that would have given proper backstory for the villain.

We don’t know where the story could go moving forward, but a Korra movie could definitely set us up for the next Avatar series who is said to be focusing on an Avatar who exists in our present era. One of the best things about the world of ATLA is definitely how they alternate reality with bending, so it would be interesting to see how modern society would evolve with the existence of benders. Would smartphones be a thing? Maybe the equalist movement could come back?

Then again, this is all just speculation. Hopefully we get the official announcement soon.

The first movie and series from Avatar Studios is expected to come out sometime in 2025.

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