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Avatar: The Last Airbender Co-Creator Teases Upcoming Film

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Avatar: The Last Airbender Co-Creator Teases Upcoming Film

It will be 2025 until we get to see the new generation of Avatar content from Nickelodeon’s Avatar Studios, but fans can’t help but get excited.

In a new interview, franchise co-creator Bryan Konietzko hypes up the return of Avatar, and talks about some of the bigger projects they’ve been working on, including an animated Avatar movie. Watch this:

“We still find the Avatar world to be really rich for us creatively, and we always would have ideas… and now we’re getting to expand the franchise in different directions all at once. Now we’re making a movie—our first movie. As cool as it was to work in TV, features are where you get to really craft something that you’re not just rushing, or having to put it out.”

Konietzko didn’t really go into any specifics about the upcoming movie, but it has been said that the movie will be following an adult Aang and his Team Avatar. It’s also likely the story will take place after the Avatar comics that were released back in 2012.

We’re also said to be getting a series about the Avatar after Korra, and it’s teased that their timeline is going to have benders in the present era. You think smartphones and the internet would have happened if bender existed in the world?

Personally, I’m just waiting for a return for Korra, whose series was kind of cut short by Nickelodeon, resulting in a mixed bag of a final season. Though Aang gets all the attention, I think it was pretty great the direction they took Korra, and I hope she makes a comeback as well.

The new Avatar movie and series is said to be coming around 2025.

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