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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 10 Recap – The Rise


Published 10 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 10 Recap - The Rise

[00:00:30] Stingray wakes up in the hospital. The nurses rush in to help him as he just regained consciousness after getting beaten up by Silver. No one knows who he is, so the nurses call on the detective to tell him Stingray just woke up.

[00:01:30] The medic tells Miguel he just pulled a muscle in his back. Miguel wants to continue fighting. He assures Carmen he won’t fight if he doesn’t feel okay. Meanwhile, the semifinals continue with Demetri going up against Robby. Demetri is taller than Robby, but he can’t land a point. Robby wins 3-0 and books his ticket to the finals. All that remains is Eli’s fight with Miguel to know who faces Robby in the finals.

[00:03:30] Anthony apologizes to Kenny inside the locker room. Kenny is still disappointed in his match with Robby, so he vents his anger on Anthony. Kenny doesn’t accept Anthony’s apology and beats him up. Robby enters the locker room and stops Kenny. Robby didn’t know Anthony was Kenny‘s bully. Kenny is done playing games, so he’s fully immersed in being Cobra Kai. He shows Anthony no mercy and tells him to prepare for high school because he‘ll continue bringing him pain. Robby is disappointed in Kenny. He tells Kenny that he didn’t teach him anything he has shown, but Kenny tells Robby that no mercy is what Cobra Kai is all about.

[00:06:00] The girls‘ division finals is set. Tory will face Sam as they have beaten their respective opponents in the semis to advance to the finals. Everyone knows about the rivalry between Sam and Tory, so it will be an exciting match. Johnny returns to the locker room to check on Miguel, but he bumps into Kreese. Kreese worries about Miguel, but Johnny doesn’t believe him. Johnny knows Kreese only cares about himself, but it seems Johnny is mistaken. Kreese knew Johnny must win to get his confidence back. Thirty years ago, he was down 2-0 against Daniel, so he told Johnny to fight dirty. Johnny did as Kreese told him, but he still lost and never recovered.

[00:07:30] Kreese doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Robby. He wants Robby to win so he doesn’t end up like Johnny. Johnny is still unconvinced, so he ends the conversation and checks on Miguel. Miguel doesn’t want to continue, but Johnny tells him he can’t quit because he’s the only hope for Eagle Fang. Johnny tells Miguel he can never be his sensei again if they lose. Miguel is hoping Johnny will tell him more encouraging words, but Johnny doesn’t know such things. All he knows is they have to win no matter what.

[00:09:00] The committee gives Miguel one minute to come out of the locker room to resume his fight with Eli. Miguel doesn’t come out, so Eagle Fang bows out of the competition by default. Eli advances to the finals to face Robby. Johnny is disappointed, so he returns to the locker room to check on Miguel. Carmen follows to the locker room, but Miguel isn’t there. Johnny knows he failed Miguel, but Carmen tells him it isn’t his fault. Miguel doesn’t feel like fighting anymore. He congratulates Sam for advancing to the finals and tells her he’s always rooting for her. The announcer calls all finalists to the mat. They kiss for good luck.

[00:12:00] Miyagi-Do must win both divisions to emerge as the grand champion. Cobra Kai is ahead in points, so they only need to win one match to become grand champions. The first match is the boys‘ division. Eli and Robby step out to the mat to fight. Robby scores the first point, so Eli calls time out. He can’t win if he focuses on defense, so Daniel tells him to switch to offense. Daniel knows Eli has been with Cobra Kai longer than Robby, so he must be on offense. Eli scores the next point to tie the match. Neither Eli nor Robby could score the next point until the time expires on the clock. The match goes to sudden death overtime based on the rulebooks.

[00:16:00] No one has experienced sudden death except Johnny and Daniel in their match years ago. Silver is disappointed in Robby for showing respect. He wants Robby to finish the match. Kreese knows Robby is angry, so he tells him to use his anger against Eli. Daniel has no advice for Eli but to give Robby all he has. Robby is so angry that he can’t focus on the match. Eli gets the best of him and wins against Robby. Everyone at Cobra Kai is disappointed in Robby. Tory chases after Robby, who disappointingly leaves the venue. He tells Tory to focus on her match as he clears his head.

[00:19:30] Amanda talks to Tory before the match begins. Amanda has helped Tory with her mother. She now has someone to look after her mother while she focuses on Karate and her studies. Tory owes Amanda for all the help, so she wants to cash in for helping Tory. She tells Tory to play by the rules to ensure Sam doesn’t get hurt in their fight. Before the match, Daniel makes amends with Johnny. They both admit they had shortcomings in training their dojos. Johnny admits Miguel would’ve been better if he had just allowed him to train with Daniel. Daniel admits Johnny’s method is good in certain situations, so he wants to team up with him again to help Sam win against Tory.

[00:23:30] After the pep talks, Tory and Sam approach each other in the middle of the mat. Sam scores the first point to everyone’s approval. Tory goes back to Silver for advice since Sam isn’t using the defensive stances of Miyagi-Do. Silver tells Tory to unleash her inner beast, so Tory works on Sam to score the next two points. Tory is now one point away from winning. Sam goes to Johnny and Daniel for advice. Daniel and Johnny agree to leave the match to Sam. They believe she can win on her own as long as she uses everything they have taught her.

[00:26:30] Sam returns to the mat and faces Tory to even the match. She nearly evens the match, but the referee makes a bad call. Sam bounces back to even the match as she relentlessly attacks Tory to get the point. The match is even; the next score wins it for either competitor. Sam catches an elbow to her face courtesy of Tory. Tory tells the referee it was an accident. She really didn’t mean to land the elbow attack, but Silver didn’t care. He tells Tory she won’t get disqualified even if she lands another elbow. Silver wants Tory to destroy Sam, but she doesn’t want to cheat to win. Tory knows she can win against Sam in a fair fight. Kreese doesn’t want Tory to end up like Johnny, so he tells Tory to win the match on her terms.

[00:29:30] Sam can’t see well, but she‘s determined to win against Tory. Tory goes back to the mat and faces Sam on her terms. Tory wins, and Cobra Kai emerges victorious. Cobra Kai is the grand champion, with Tory becoming the first ever girls‘ division champion. Sam feels bad after the match. She blames herself for losing, but Daniel tells her it’s not her fault. Daniel feels bad after the match, but he can’t do anything. After the tournament, Carmen tells Johnny that Miguel left before the finals started. Johnny assures Carmen he’ll look for Miguel and bring him home safely.

[00:33:00] Tory plans to celebrate with Cobra Kai. Kyler tells everyone that they can party at his place. Tory agrees and returns to the locker room to grab her stuff. She sees Silver talking to the referee inside the dojo‘s office. Tory discovers that Silver had a money deal with the referee, so she didn’t lose a point after the elbow incident. Meanwhile, Johnny visits the Cobra Kai dojo and discovers it‘s already for lease. Robby follows Johnny to the dojo so they can talk. Robby tells Johnny that Cobra Kai is moving to a new location. Johnny tells Robby not to worry about his loss against Eli. Robby tells Johnny that Eli isn’t the problem. He tells Johnny about Kenny and how he’s becoming evil in Cobra Kai.

[00:36:00] Johnny is happy that Robby is okay with him. Robby hugs him, so he assures Robby they will figure things out. Meanwhile, Silver sets up Kreese for the police to arrest him. Silver had beaten the crap out of Stingray and sent him to the hospital. It‘s all part of Silver‘s plan as Stingray tells the detective that John Kreese attempted to murder him. The police arrive at Silver’s house to arrest Kreese. He tries to resist, but they cuff him and drag him out of Silver’s place.

[00:40:00] Silver celebrates as he finally owns Cobra Kai. He can finally have his way with Johnny and all his enemies. Meanwhile, Johnny comes home and checks on Carmen and Miguel. Miguel left a note that he’s going to Mexico. He wants to meet his real father because he needs answers. Carmen tells Johnny that Miguel’s real father doesn’t know he exists. Carmen worries for Miguel’s safety, so she called the police. Johnny assures Carmen he’ll find Miguel.

[00:43:00] Daniel visits Mr. Miyagi’s tombstone. He did everything to win the tournament, but nothing worked. Daniel calls Chozen for help. Chozen answers the call and goes to the Valley to help Daniel put an end to Cobra Kai. They bow before Mr. Miyagi’s tombstone to honor his name.

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