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THE BLACKLIST “Dembe Zuma” Sneak Peeks

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago


What might have once been Dembe’s (Hisham Tawfiq) job has now fallen to Red’s (James Spader) other loyal henchman, Baz, in the second of three new sneak peek clips from Thursday’s Blacklist.

The show returns in style this Thursday with two back to back episodes that follow up on February 23rd’s “Apothecary” cliffhanger — in which Red slowly came to realize that the person responsible for his almost poisoning was his most trusted confidante and loyal employee, Dembe Zuma.

In the first hour (titled “Dembe Zuma” btw, indicating that the search for Dembe is of interest, not only to Red, but to the Task Force as well) we will see Red and Liz finally getting a lead on his whereabouts. However, when the Task Force begins to close in, Dembe takes a calculated risk that puts Aram’s life in danger.

Meanwhile, in the second installment, “Requiem,” NBC teases that “memories of the past will set Red on a dangerous collision course with an enemy determined to destroy his criminal empire.”

If you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve got some photos from “Requiem” that were released earlier today to share HERE that tease the nature of those memories further.

And now back to those sneak peeks. Watch as Liz (Megan Boone) and Baz work to take down an assassin (clip 2), while Red attempts to alert his victim of the imminent attack (clip 1).

Meanwhile in the final sneak peek, Red waxes poetic about Kate Kaplan.

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