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Check Out Official Poster for Final Season of Atlanta

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Check Out Official Poster for Final Season of Atlanta

Donald Glover has delivered some pretty unique television with his FX series Atlanta, but the show is now gearing up for the release of its final season.

The show is set to premiere later this September, and we have a new official poster featuring the main cast. Check it:

A lot of fans have been wondering what the peaches mean in the Atlanta posters, but it’s actually a reference to Georgia’s nickname which is “The Peach State”. It’s said that the state is infamous for producing the highest quality fruit, and it looks like the show wants to lean in on that cultural point. I guess it’s also a callback to the posters for the first season which had peaches on the cast’s mouth.

We don’t really know what to expect when it comes to the next season, but we do know that the cast of characters will find themselves back in series namesake setting. The third season did happen mostly in Europe, but the show was still rife with the sharp political commentary and surreal visuals that the series has been known for.

Based on the latest trailer, it seems that the cast will now be dealing with the aftermath of the European tour, and we could be looking at some tying up of loose ends for all characters—maybe even a return for Earn and Van.

Atlanta comes back to FX one last time this Sept. 15.

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