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Donald Glover on Why Atlanta will Only Last 4 Seasons

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Donald Glover on Why Atlanta will Only Last 4 Seasons

After a long hiatus, FX’s hit series Atlanta is finally making a comeback. What’s news is, it will be the second to the last season.

According to Variety, Glover has confirmed on the red carpet that the show will only run for four seasons. Glover explains, “All good things end. It felt like it was time to end… I don’t like it when people [are] 40 pretending like they’re 15 and shit. It’s annoying.”

We don’t know where the series will end, but we do know that a majority of Season 3 will be taking place in Europe. Some are probably wondering why a series called Atlanta doesn’t take place in Atlanta at all, to which Glover added:

“It’s our point of view; it’s not really about the place… Although in Season 4, it makes a very heavy resurgence, as far as the actual place. Atlanta is a state of mind. Europe solidified how we felt [while writing] Season 3. [Director Hiro Murai] calls it our maximum season.”

Though Glover is best known for his work on Community, he has since made a major reinvention of himself with his music career as Childish Gambino. A lot of fans thought he would be coming back to sitcoms with Atlanta, but the series turned out to be artsier than expected; though the show does have laughs, there several moments of surrealism that give the series its unique tone and social commentary.

Atlanta returns for a third season on FX this March 24.

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