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Watch Latest Trailer for the Final Season of Atlanta

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Watch Latest Trailer for the Final Season of Atlanta

Donald Glover had created some unique television with his series Atlanta, but no matter how great the show is, it eventually has to come to an end. Now Atlanta is hyping up for the fourth and final season, and we have a trailer showcasing Glover’s wild surrealist version of ATL.

Watch this:

With the third season taking place mostly in Europe, this fourth and final season will see Earn, Al, and the rest coming back home to Atlanta—which isn’t any less wild.

While we can expect the guys in the show to have their own unique arcs, we should also expect some major development for Van (Zazie Beetz).Talking to, Beetz says, “Particularly after Season 3, I really felt that for her, which will become obvious when this last episode drops. In Season 4, it’s sort of this homecoming feeling, and it’s not the end of the search for identity for any of the characters in terms of what the future is holding and whatnot… The last few seasons really felt like she’s supposed to be the strong person, the strong woman, the strong Black woman—but she’s delicate! I want her to know that I am holding her hand.”

Going back to Glover though, he was best known for his work in comedy, but Atlanta really proved that he’s also capable of these more cerebral ‘art’ properties. Atlanta definitely has a unique voice, and it really elevates the genre in some unexpected ways. Not to mention, it has some very sharp commentary on the current social climate, and you’re always left guessing on whether it’s played for humor or tragedy.

Now that’s great television.

Atlanta Season 4 premieres on FX this Sept. 15.

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