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Chris Pratt Talks Guardians of the Galaxy’s Future without James Gunn

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Chris Pratt Talks Guardians of the Galaxy’s Future without James Gunn

Not many directors get to complete their MCU trilogies, but James Gunn has managed to make it with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming out later this week. With the film set to end this iteration of the team, we should expect more Guardians in the future, but without Gunn. Now Star-Lord Chris Pratt has shared some thoughts on how GOTG will move forward sans Gunn.

In an interview with GamesRadar, Pratt explains how integral Gunn was to creating the Guardians movies, and how it would be weird to continue the story without him. Pratt explains:

“It would be strange to continue Peter’s story without James… He’s done such a masterful job in the first three films. We really found the voice of Peter Quill together and without him, obviously, I would never have had this opportunity… to continue to tell the story, it would really be important to honor what he’s done in the first three films and to honor what the fans have grown to love about the character and not simply do it because people might show up to pay for it, you know?”

Though this is the last film for Gunn before he fully jumps into the DC Universe, the film definitely ends with a hopeful note that the Guardians will still be there to watch over the galaxy. That team may not include Star-Lord, Drax, Rocket, Nebula, Gamora, Groot, and Mantis, but it opens the door for another team of misfits to work their way into this grimy sci-fi world.

We don’t have any idea who could be next in line to helm a Guardians film, but I do hope that they bring in ex-Ant-Man director Edgar Wright to put his spin on the Guardians. Besides Gunn, Wright is probably the only other director who is lauded for his movie soundtracks, and with his quickfire style and humor, I would love to see how he tackles a sci-fi IP like Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s just an idea.

Guardians of the Galaxy comes to cinemas on May 5.  

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