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Final Season of The Umbrella Academy Begins Production

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Final Season of The Umbrella Academy Begins Production

We’ve watched the Hargreeves jump from one apocalypse to another throughout the Umbrella Academy series and with a new timeline established in the last season, the kids are gearing up for one last ride.

Just in, it’s been announced that the final season of The Umbrella Academy has entered production, and we have a new image of the principal cast. Check them out:

Though each season has the Hargreeves siblings trying to subvert an apocalypse, the last season has changed in a huge way in a sense that it ended with everyone not having their powers. What’s more, Ben, who has been famously dead for a long time in the series, is also alive, but it seems that he has no memory of being a member of the Umbrella Academy.

We don’t know specifically what the plot of the fourth season will be yet, but it will probably have the siblings going up against their greatest enemy—their abusive father Reginald Hargreeves. Though Hargreeves seems to have what’s best for the world in mind, he won’t hesitate to step on some innocent children on his way to achieve it.

The series isn’t The Boys, but you have to appreciate The Umbrella Academy’s embracing of its campy humor. It’s going to be sad to see them go, but hopefully they have a finale that has them finally stopping the apocalypse for good.

No release date has been announced for The Umbrella Academy 4, but you can catch the first three seasons now streaming on Netflix.

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