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Sequels for Zootopia, Frozen, and Toy Story Announced

BY Brandon

Published 1 month ago

Sequels for Zootopia, Frozen, and Toy Story Announced

While Marvel and Star Wars have been constantly churning content for Disney+ for the past few years, the brand has been sitting some of their more valuable IP.

Thanks to a recent earnings call with CEO Bob Iger (via IGN), we got the announcement that Toy Story 5, Frozen 3, and Zootopia 2 are in the works. We don’t have any details about the projects, but we can probably guess where the arcs are going for certain characters.

Zootopia is probably the one most deserving of a sequel, since the first movie was such a hit and we’ve yet to get a proper follow-up. With the original’s strong themes of racism and diversity, I’m hoping the sequel continues to pull on that thread. I’m sure there are fans on the internet that ship Nick and Judy, but you think Zootopia will just embrace interspecies relationships, especially one between a predator and prey?

As for Frozen, we can probably expect more exploration with Anna and Elsa’s relationship, especially with the two separated once again, with Elsa embracing her mystical responsibilities. We don’t know where a sequel could go, but I kind of like the idea of Anna getting her own powers. Part of me also wants to see Elsa deal with a child from Anna and Kristoff, but maybe there’s an angle that not everyone has thought of.

Toy Story 5 is the one that kind of has everyone scratching their heads. There was already a lot of backlash with the direction Toy Story 4 went, but maybe a sequel could be a chance to course-correct. I mean, Woody has managed to find a new purpose, but what about the rest of Bonnie’s toys?

We don’t know when we’re going to get these movies yet, but I imagine it’s going to be a while before we get a first look. For now, you can check out all these properties now available on Disney+.

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