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Harrison Ford Gets Emotional at Indiana Jones Panel

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Harrison Ford Gets Emotional at Indiana Jones Panel

Harrison Ford may have said good-bye to Han Solo and Rick Deckard, but he still has one more iconic role that he’s going to reprise for Lucasfilm.

D23 had Ford presenting at the Indiana Jones panel, and you can watch him get emotional as he says good-bye to the role. Watch this video from Variety:

“Thank you for making these films such an incredible experience for all of us; giving the opportunity to us to make these films for you… I’m very proud to say that this one is fantastic, and this is one of the reasons [points to co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge].”

Waller-Bridge doesn’t really say anything in the clip, but Ford got surprisingly emotional during the panel—a bit odd for someone who is notorious for not really caring about the hype behind the characters that he’s been playing (specifically Han Solo). Ford continues:

“Indiana Jones movies are about mystery and adventure but they’re also about heart—I’m really very happy we have a really human story to tell, as well as a movie that will kick your ass. So I’m delighted to be here again, and maybe for the—this is it. I will not fall down for you again. Thank you so much.”

Though Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was meant to be the sendoff for Indy, the movie was admittedly not met with the best reviews, opting for Steven Spielberg to try again with this movie—this time with director James Mangold at the helm.

Hopefully we get a better look at the film before the year ends. Indiana Jones 5 is expected to release in theaters on June 30, 2023.

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