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Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling Doesn’t Care about Her ‘Tarnished Legacy’

BY Brandon

Published 10 months ago

Harry Potter: J.K. Rowling Doesn’t Care about Her ‘Tarnished Legacy’

You can never really mention J.K. Rowling online anymore without the word ‘transphobic’ being connected to her, but despite all the backlash, Rowling doesn’t seem to be phased about anyone saying that her legacy as a beloved author has been tarnished.

In a recent episode of The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling podcast (via Variety), Rowling addressed the comments about how she has ‘ruined’ her legacy, to which she replied:

“I do not walk around my house, thinking about my legacy… You know, what a pompous way to live your life walking around thinking, ‘What will my legacy be?’ Whatever, I’ll be dead. I care about now. I care about the living.”

If anything, it looks like any of the backlash on Rowling doesn’t seem to be affecting the content released based on her Potter IP. Hogwarts Legacy is currently one of the biggest-selling games right now, despite the boycott of some people online claiming that buying the game means they support transphobia.

The Witch Trials podcast has certainly become a kind of rallying point for anyone defending Rowling, who has received criticism from both the right and the left for her work on Harry Potter. If anything, the Twitter mob is still adamant about their stance on Rowling, and with Rowling’s supporters, it definitely feels like it’s going to be difficult to get to a space where Rowling will understand what people are considering transphobic about her statements.

Either way, fans will still continue to consume Wizarding World content, so I guess her legacy has a few more decades.

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