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Hulu Cancels MODOK After One Season

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Hulu Cancels MODOK After One Season

Patton Oswalt may be voicing Pip the Troll in the mid-credits scene from Eternals, but he had taken the spotlight as the Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing in Hulu’s animated MODOK series. Too bad though, because it looks like Hulu won’t be bringing back the bumbling villain crew of AIM.

According to Deadline, Hulu has cancelled MODOK after its first season, possibly putting an end to all the other non-Marvel Studios TV properties. Besides MODOK, other discontinued Marvel TV properties include Helstrom, Tigra & Dazzler, and Howard the Duck. No official announcement has been made, but we should also expect Hit-Monkey to be canned as well.

Personally, I thought that MODOK was a pretty interesting show. While not all the jokes landed, the characterization of MODOK is still pretty interesting, and besides all the goofy supervillain plots, the family drama is surprisingly serious. I would have loved to see where the series was going, but the way Disney and Marvel are treating the brand, it’s obvious that MODOK the show has no place in it… for now.

If anything, some fans think the series didn’t get enough of the marketing it deserved, and I think it would have found its audience if they really tried to get it out there. Until we get MODOK in the MCU, I’m standing by this version of the character, which is still a lot of fun to watch—and Oswalt does an amazing job.

Who knows, maybe after the headlines, people will actually try to give this show a look.

An egomaniacal super villain struggles to maintain control of his evil organization after it is bought by a multinational tech company, all while juggling the needs of his demanding family.

Catch MODOK now available on Hulu.

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