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James Gunn Confirms He’s Directing Superman: Legacy

BY Brandon

Published 9 months ago

James Gunn Confirms He’s Directing Superman: Legacy

For years fans have been wondering who would be the best fit to direct the next Superman movie; and names like J.J. Abrams and Matthew Vaughn have been thrown around. With Superman: Legacy having been recently announced, DC co-head James Gunn has revealed the director for the next Man of Steel film.

As revealed on Twitter, the person who will helm the next Superman movie—is Gunn himself. Here’s his post:

With Gunn having helmed more raunchy comic book entries with Guardians of the Galaxy, Peacemaker, and The Suicide Squad, it’s curious how he would deal with a wholesome property like Superman, but I think this could pose an interesting challenge for him.

Though Gunn has been known for his slapstick and gross out humor, his movies do surprisingly have a lot of heart—which I think is the most essential thing when it comes to a character like Superman.

We don’t have any breakdown of the story of Superman: Legacy yet, but it has been said that Gunn will be drawing inspiration from the hit All-Star Superman from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It’s also said that this rebooted Superman will be on the younger side, starting out in the Daily Planet and figuring out what he stands for as a superhero.

I’ll admit, I’m still bummed out that we won’t be getting Henry Cavill back, but I am hopeful that Gunn manages to stick the landing when it comes to the next Man of Steel.

Superman: Legacy comes to cinemas on July 11, 2025. Also watch out for Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which is set to hit theaters on May 5.

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