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Jeremy Irons to Appear as Alfred in The Flash?

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Jeremy Irons to Appear as Alfred in The Flash?

Besides the loss of Batfleck, a  lot of people are also disappointed that Ben Affleck’s exit as Batman could also mean that Jeremy Irons won’t be reprising the role of his Alfred. While Affleck’s Dark Knight is set to make one last appearance in The Flash, it looks like Alfred could be making his last hurrah as well.

Rumor has it that Irons will be coming back to play the sarcastic manservant Alfred Pennyworth in The Flash. Here’s the post from @ViewerAnon:

@FlashFilmNews also confirms that Irons will appear on camera, and that we’ll get to hear his voice as he speaks to Bruce and Barry during the heist with the Batcycle (as seen in set photos).

Though Irons is usually in the sidelines, he does make for a fun Alfred. While Michael Caine had nothing but support for Bale’s Batman, Irons was openly sarcastic and had a fun dynamic with Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. Not to mention he also has some moments of gravitas where he becomes the moral compass for Batman when it comes to his clash with Superman.

Affleck has been very adamant for a while that he doesn’t want to return as Batman, and it looks like WB has no plans in bringing him back. With the hype surrounding Affleck’s return in The Flash—and the endless fan campaigning—some are still holding out hope that the film opens up room for Affleck to return one day; maybe even direct that Batman movie where he clashes with Deathstroke.

For now, The Flash is set to come out on June 23, 2023.

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