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Manifest Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Black Box

BY Arabelle

Published 8 months ago

Manifest Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Black Box

Manifest is undoubtedly capitalizing on its decisive fundamental conflict between passengers with powers and those who abuse it, such as the Major, proving to be a deadly foe. Other possible stumbling blocks, such as Olive’s connection with the “Believers” and Jared’s new bartender pal, are still in the planning stages. But while the death date mystery and the bank robbery storylines appear to be leading to something significant, the succession of coincidences harkens back to the more artificial callings of season 1, making this narrative threadless successful in moving things ahead. But a lot of it has been forgiven: thanks to Michaela and Zeke’s welcoming kiss this week.

The episode begins with TJ talking to little Olive about a specific book in the airport. He suggested a good book to little Olive: “A Wrinkle in Time.” She had a crush on TJ because of what happened. When TJ chose to rearrange his trip to Flight 828, Olive changed her mind to join her father on the flight. But there was just one seat remaining, so Olive gave way to TJ.

In the current day, Olive attends another “Believers” gathering. Adrian, the leader, preaches that the miraculous return of the 828 passengers will be with them for decades to come. Olive notices Adrian is uninformed of the “death date,” so she informs him after the service. She reveals that her father, Michaela, and Cal had all seen tombstones with the same date. Adrian understands her father’s fear, but she should hold out hope for miracles.

Dr. Saanvi is in her apartment. She tests the serum she created on the lab rat, hoping it would survive the death day. The test is in the second stage, so she hoped for the experiment. 

Ben is recording his final messages for Olive on her wedding day, believing he won’t be there at the time. Suddenly, Grace comes out and says to stop what Ben is doing. She also says not to give up; they will find a way to fight the death day.

Michaela pays a visit to the parents of her late best friend, Evie. She tells Beverly, her mother who has Alzheimer’s, about a new person in her life and her reluctance to get close to him because her previous relationship ended horribly.

TJ meets Ben in his campus office about a new calling. Olive arrives at her father’s office and assists them with the call, cracking a code and directing them to the Gramercy Club. But it remains unclear what or who they are looking for.

Michaela receives a new calling directing her to “bring him back,” so she goes to a bank and runs across Zeke, who received the same call. They talk about why Zeke is there. He mentions he felt the same calling. A masked thief fires a gun in the air and yells for everyone to get down, breaking up their awkward reunion. All of the people inside the bank get down and start to panic. 

According to Michaela, the robber’s actions indicate it‘s his first time robbing a bank. She cautions Zeke that his unpredictable nature makes him even more dangerous. When she attempts to talk to the thief, Zeke grabs him and pulls off his mask. Michaela notices his face and recognizes him from Ben’s list of 828 passengers. “You were on 828,” Michaela says.

Meanwhile, Vance instructs Saanvi on how to consult with the Major as her therapist. Saanvi expresses her displeasure with Ben for lying to her. Vance tells her he forced Ben to do it, and if she is unhappy with Ben, she should talk to him about it.

Logan, the thief, and Michaela discuss having callings and visions back at the bank. Logan (Alex Morf) claims he will die if he doesn’t retrieve anything from the vault. Zeke advises Logan to allow Michaela to assist him by speaking with the police and letting the other individuals in the bank go. Zeke volunteers to accompany Michaela and promise to assist him in gaining entry to the vault. Logan agrees and releases every one of the captives.

Jared arrives on the scene and discovers Michaela is inside.

Saanvi is talking to her therapist while eating an apple. She admits her study has struck a snag, but she wants to collaborate with another scientist who may offer some insight.

When Ben and TJ arrive at the Gramercy Club, Ben receives a call from Jared informing him about the bank robber and Michaela. Ben insists on leaving, but TJ reveals he discovered another clue to their calling: Logan’s brother, Frank (Ben Loving).

The vault opens inside the bank. Logan insists that the manager open his brother’s safety deposit box using his key. The manager informs him he would need his brother’s key to access it. Logan becomes agitated, begins yelling, and fires at the box. One of the bullets ricochets off the manager’s leg.

Zeke asks Logan to allow him to take the manager to the hospital for medical attention, promising to return after he’s taken care of the injured guy. Michaela begs him not to return, but Zeke refuses to leave her in the bank with only the thief.

Ben approaches Logan’s brother at the Gramercy Club to persuade him to assist. Frank does not believe Logan is his brother and thinks everyone aboard Flight 828 is lying. Ben ultimately persuades Frank by informing him the death date Logan tried to discuss with him is genuine and that he, Michaela, and his son Cal have had the opportunity to see the date 6-2-2024. Frank’s safety deposit box number is 6224, according to him. TJ is shocked to learn the date of his death for the first time. Unhappy, he walks away.

Ben arrives at the bank with Frank. Jared convinces the officers to let Frank in and talk Logan down. In the vault, the brothers reunite. Frank apologizes to Logan for not believing he is genuine and alive. When he opens the package, Logan begs him to give him their grandfather’s compass.

Logan is arrested outdoors, but he is allowed to speak with Michaela before he is taken away. Logan informs Michaela and Zeke the compass saved his grandpa from being murdered by a bullet during WWII’s D-Day landings. He thanks them and begs Michaela to keep it for him until he is released from jail. She grabs it and flips it around; she sees a peacock engraving.

Michaela informs Ben about her vision. He encourages her by saying if they work together, they can solve and beat the “death date.” They exchange hugs, and she expresses gratitude for coming to her aid. He tells her the calling had taken him to Frank, but Jared phoning him brought him to the bank. Michaela thanks Jared for his support and departs with Zeke.

Olive finds TJ in Ben‘s office. He asks if she knows the death date and how to avoid it. She emphasizes her father becomes concerned with problems but should approach the dying date with optimism. TJ learns from her and remembers he met Olive at the airport years ago before he boarded Flight 828. TJ agrees to attend a gathering of “Believers.”

When Saanvi returns home, she realizes her experiments have been stolen.

Ben returns home and is greeted with a hearty hug from Grace, relieved that he and Michaela are safe. He tells her he will battle the death date and find a method to overcome it.

At the pub, Jared meets the bartender, where he hangs out to move on from Michaela.

Michaela brings Zeke home and compliments him on his sweet nature. She adds the compass might be a clue to finally really saving Zeke. He says she already has. They exchange kisses and spend the night together.

Saanvi informs Vance her flat has been broken into. He and a few agents inspect the Major’s office, acting as a therapist. But except for an apple, the room is empty. The Major placed it there to hint to Saanvi she was aware of Saanvi’s suspicions. Saanvi informs Vance that the Major has taken her accurate breakthrough study, which she has stashed in her apartment.

Our Thoughts

Manifest manages to juggle all of these themes quite effectively. The tale holds together wonderfully without distracting characters like Lourdes or Danny in the mix and keeps viewers waiting for the next episode.

For the time being, the mystery deepens, and with an infusion of pace this week courtesy of the hostage scenario, there’s plenty of room for Manifest to build on it and provide a riveting and memorable second half of this season. Let’s hope it gives some answers shortly.

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