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Koala Man is Here to Deliver Aussie Justice in New Trailer

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Koala Man is Here to Deliver Aussie Justice in New Trailer

Aussie animator Michael Cusack has made some bizarre animated series with Smiling Friends and YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, but he’s teamed up with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland for something that’s still a tad outrageous, but more familiar in format.

Check out the first trailer for Koala Man on Hulu:

Here’s the official description (via What’s On Disney Plus):

“Koala Man” follows middle-aged dad Kevin and his titular not-so-secret identity, whose only superpower is a burning passion for following rules and snuffing out petty crime in the town of Dapto. Though it may seem like any other Australian suburb, forces of evil both cosmic and man-made lie in wait to pounce on unsuspecting Daptonians. On a quest to clean up his hometown, and often roping his frustrated family into his adventures, Koala Man stands at the ready. He’ll do whatever it takes to defeat villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse: jerks who don’t take their rubbish bins down on the proper days.

Cusack himself provides the voice of Koala Man a.k.a. Kevin, and he’s joined by a star-studded cast which also includes Sarah Snook (Succession), Hugh Jackman (X-Men), and Jemaine Clement (Avatar: The Way of Water). Guest stars also include Alexandra Daddario, Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson, and Rachel House.

If you’ve looked at Cusack’s other work, you’ll know that he makes things on the weirder side of Adult Swim, but with Koala Man, it seems that his style has been updated to a more familiar aesthetic, but we still have some of that signature humor with Koala Man going up against all kinds of weird cosmic forces.

Not to mention, Jackman’s buff boss character seems to be his own kind of hilariously terrible.

Koala Man premieres on Hulu on Jan. 9.

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