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MaXXXine Drops First Look at Mia Goth and Halsey

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

MaXXXine Drops First Look at Mia Goth and Halsey

Mia Goth had started out the X franchise as Maxine, but she opted to play the role of Pearl in the prequel of the same name. Now director Ti West is set to end his franchise with MaXXXine, and A24 has just dropped a new look at Goth in costume with Halsey who is also playing another character.

Check this out:

Here’s the synopsis for MaXXXine:

Follows Maxine, who was the only survivor of the bloody incidents of X, as she continues her journey towards fame to be an actress in 1980s Los Angeles.

The plot seems pretty vague for now, but seeing as the X films have very strong themes about sex, beauty, and fame, I think we could be following the same pattern when it comes to MaXXXine. Maxine may have survived Pearl in the first movie, but I have a feeling that she’ll be following her footsteps when it comes to pursuing stardom; and she’s ready to do whatever it takes—even if it means having to take out the competition.

We don’t know who the character played by Halsey is yet, but seeing that Maxine is intent on becoming a star even if she has to play dirty, it’s possible that Halsey could be someone working in the adult industry.

Besides Halsey, the film also includes cast members Kevin Bacon, Bobby Cannavale, Elizabeth Debikci, Lilly Collins, and Giancarlo Esposito.

MaXXXine is yet to receive a release date, but fingers crossed that the movie will come out sometime later in the year.

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