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Meet the Endless in New Sandman Featurette

BY Brandon

Published 4 months ago

Meet the Endless in New Sandman Featurette

July is almost ending which means we’re getting closer to the release of The Sandman on Netflix. Since the lore of Neil Gaiman’s world is already pretty dense, we have a new featurette giving us a look at the world of the Endless.

Watch this:

The first season pretty much follows the first volume of Sandman called Preludes and Nocturnes which follows a weakened Dream/Morpheus as he must reclaim his objects of power after he was imprisoned for almost a century.

Certainly some characters have been changed and altered—like Jenna Coleman who is playing a genderbent John Constantine—but I’m pretty sure the series is going to stick to the core of the material while at the same time being more inclusive for modern audiences.

I’ll admit, there is a lot of pressure for a property like Sandman to deliver, but like the original comics, I have a feeling it’s going to kickstart a whole new goth movement for kids who will be checking out the material for the first time.

There is another world that waits for all of us when we close our eyes and sleep — a place called the Dreaming, where The Sandman, Master of Dreams (Tom Sturridge), gives shape to all of our deepest fears and fantasies. But when Dream is unexpectedly captured and held prisoner for a century, his absence sets off a series of events that will change both the dreaming and waking worlds forever. To restore order, Dream must journey across different worlds and timelines to mend the mistakes he’s made during his vast existence, revisiting old friends and foes, and meeting new entities — both cosmic and human — along the way.

The Sandman comes to Netflix on Aug. 5.

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