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Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Beast Titan

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Wall Titan

After the battle against the female titan, Hange and the other soldiers discover that there’s a titan inside the chipped wall. Pastor Nick yells at her, saying they should keep the titan away from sunlight.

The scouts report to Erwin that they’ll have to cover the wall’s titan with sheets, and all of them wonder about its secrets.

Down on the field, Hitch and Marlo survey the wreckage brought on Stohess, and question why there’s no official word on the incident yet.

After covering the titan, Hange asks Pastor Nick why they kept the wall titans a secret after all this time. He ignores her question and requests to be escorted back down. Hange obliges by threatening to drop him by his neck. She tells him how many have died sacrificing themselves for the fight against the titan. But the Pastor would rather die than share his secrets as if a martyr to his god. Hange shoves him back and says she was just joking. She asks the Pastor if the walls are all made of titans and laughs it off.

The bells suddenly ring as a scout reports that titans have breached Wall Rose.

Another Attack

Twelve hours earlier, just south of Wall Sina, Sasha and Connie impatiently wait for deployment, tempted to escape to their nearby hometowns. Reiner smells something amiss, as all of their classmates are forced to wear plain clothes inside the castle with armed guards waiting outside. They’re not even in the frontlines. Connie suggests there are bears in the area.

Sasha suddenly hears the sound of gigantic footsteps and warns everyone, but that could only mean Wall Rose has been breached. Miche catches the same danger with his scent, and sees titans attacking them from the south. He calls for three couriers send word to the others.

The 104th cadets are forced to retreat on horses, as there’s no time left to arm themselves. Miche and the others wonder how there are titans this close, as it could only mean that Wall Rose has been destroyed. Miche accepts the only certainty before him, that they’ll have to fight.

He separates his troops into four squads, ordering them to send word in four directions. Sasha volunteers to guide her group. Connie pleads for them to visit his town as it was in the direction that the titans came from. Reiner agrees to join with him alongside Bertholdt.


As soon as they split, the titans suddenly start sprinting towards their direction, which forces Miche to serve as bait. His subordinates trust him, citing that he’s only second to Levi in terms of skill.

Eren remembers his mother scolding him for getting into a fight and having Mikasa save him again. He wakes up to find her at his bedside and asks her to rest. Armin barges into their room and tells them the news.

Miche kills off the enemy titans one by one, but there’s still four left he has to take care of in an unideal position. He also finds an abnormal beast-like titan that’s larger than the others. It acts dumb, but suddenly kills Miche’s horse and throws it at him. Miche falls to another small titan’s mouth, crushing his legs.

The beast titan asks him about his ODM gear, which leaves Miche stunned. The titan notes his use of swords, which means that they also know about their weak spot at the nape. He takes one with him for his research and leaves Miche to wallow in fear.

Miche remembers his earlier words and picks up his blade, but the beast titan orders the others to kill him. The beast leaves, marveling at his stolen technology.

Our Thoughts

Too many secrets, not a lot of downtime. Somehow it all works. Rating: 4/5.


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