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The ‘New Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Official Trailer Is Out

BY Kaye Lee

Published 5 years ago

The 'New Spider-Man: Homecoming' Official Trailer Is Out

“What’s up guys?” – This is the first thing Tom Holland says within the first minute of the new  Spider-Man: Homecoming official movie trailer. It was released on March 28. As Spider-Man, Tom is definitely at the top of his game and the Comic Universe is psyched. The teaser is  spot on in spilling out just enough juicy details to keep Avengers fans intrigued whilst wanting for more. The almost-three-minute trailer features Spider-Man’s high-tech Spidey suit as well the expected villain, The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton. Tony Stark will be pivotal as Spider-Man’s mentor to be a defender just like the Avengers. Everything in the trailer is a perfect mix of thrill and sheer delight. The most-anticipated film by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios will hit the theaters on July 7, 2017.

Tony Stark is Spider-Man’s Mentor

Spider-Man: Homecoming focuses on how Peter evolves from being a not-so-normal high school student into the Avenger he can be under the wing of Tony Stark. The pressure is on as Tony raises the bar on his expectations to prepare Peter to be the defender of the city. On the other hand, having Iron Man as a mentor has its awesome perks. Spider-Man’s high-tech gadgets actually says it all. In the trailer, Spider-Man uses a suit upgrade and a handy Spider-Tracer. The 15-year-old finds it easier (and cooler) to be a superhero with this stuff.

Spider-Man’s Relationships Get Sticky

Because Peter has to keep his identity a secret from his family and friends, his everyday life as a Midtown High School student from New York City is more complicated than usual. Aside from his secret, he has a serious crush on Liz Allen (Laura Harrier). As a high school kid, hormones get in the way and it is never smooth sailing. It is a bit comforting to know that his best friend, Ned Leeeds (Jacob Batalon), finds out he is Spider-Man and completely respects the Bro Code. This is a win-win situation as Peter as Spider-Man now has a side-kick (well, almost).

Michael Keaton as ‘The Vulture’ is a Hardcore Villain

USA Today describes The Vulture as an everyman, a regular joe. Adrian Tooms (Keaton, The Vulture) is a blue-collar fellow who runs a salvaging company in New York that cleans up after epic superhero battles. When Tony Stark steps in to take over through a new government organization, Adrian snaps and in turn becomes the villain. The Vulture “sort of becomes the dark Tony Stark,” according to co-producer Eirc Hauserman Carroll.

EOnline reveals that Tom Holland has signed up for three more sequels to the Spider-Man series. The next movie will be out in 2019. Meanwhile, check out the new Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer right here.

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