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Pearl: Trailer for ‘X’ Prequel has Mia Goth as a Murderous Beauty Queen

BY Brandon

Published 2 weeks ago

Pearl: Trailer for 'X' Prequel has Mia Goth as a Murderous Beauty Queen

Mia Goth gave us one of the more unique horror villains in Ti West’s X, but she’s set to return for an origin story in the movie Pearl.

Just in, we have a new trailer starring Goth’s would-be murderous old lady:

While I’m sure that the movie stands fine by itself, I think the whole experience would be completely enhanced by watching the original movie X; after all, the scenes in the trailer all harken back to locations in the first film, and I’m sure that all of Pearl’s character moments will mean something to the viewer when they know exactly where she ends up.

Though X didn’t really make Jordan Peele numbers, the film was still a pretty unique take on the genre, and Mia Goth shines playing both the lead girl as well as the lead villain. Pearl is such an interesting character in that she’s so caught up with her own beauty, and she really taps into that fear of growing old and unwanted.

Nevertheless, here’s the trailer and description for the original X:

1979. Determined to trailblaze a new kind of cinema and reinvent the adult film genre, burlesque owner and ambitious producer Wayne recruits a group of young filmmakers to shoot their movie, The Farmer’s Daughters. And, with his aspiring actress girlfriend Maxine starring in the film, Wayne is convinced they will all soon be famous. Before long, the team arrives at the carefully selected location, a remote cabin in rural Texas Wayne rented from creepy owners Howard and his wife Pearl, and they get to work. However, as visionary director RJ starts shooting steamy sequences right under the nose of their white-haired hosts, a silent undercurrent of malaise sends shivers down the spine. Can the crew survive the night’s blood-curdling surprises?

Catch Pearl when it hits cinemas on Sept.16.


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